September 27, 2010

One Small Seed Beautiful Portobello Fabrizio Rainone

Portobello Road is a street in Notting Hill, in west London.  It runs almost the entire length of Notting Hill, north to south.  Who remembers the market scenes in the romantic comedy Nottinghill, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts (without a doubt one of the best chick flicks ever)?  Those market scenes were shot on the infamous Portobello Road Market, which is also where this shoot happened. Photographer Fabrizio Rainone shot this awesome story called "Portobella" for One Small Seed magazine.  Fabrizio explains the tittle of the shoot:
"Its called Portobella because was shot here near my house in Portobello market area.. so bella means beautiful girl... the model."
 We like!  This shoot can be seen in the 5th anniversary issue of South Africa's pop culture magazine, One Small Seed.